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This website is a privately run scientific resource for archaeozoologists and osteologists. Its maintenance costs time and money. If you are interested in supporting this project financially I do offer the possibility of thematically related advertisements. I would especially welcome publishers, journals or suppliers of scientific equipment.

statistics has visitors from the whole world, but the identifiable majority is based in Europe. Users are people interested in archaeozoology, osteology, taphonomy and worked bone. 47.000 people visited the site in 2007, 26.000 people until July 2008. See below for an overview about the web statistics.


In order to retain the scientific character of this website only static advertisements at the right margin of the page are possible as can be seen in the example on the right. Advertisements can be placed on the index page as well as on the sub pages diary, links, bone workshop and literature. Advertisements shall have a breadth of 180 px and a minimum height of 100 px. The height is optional but shall not exceed 500 px per page.


180 x 100 px cost 50, per month on the index page, 30, per month on sub pages. 180 x 200 px cost 100, per month on the index page, 60, per month on sub pages. Prices are negotiable; reductions for long-term bookings are possible.

If you are interested in supporting my work and would like to present your advertisement to a clearly defined audience, please send me an e-mail or call me (+49-421-6199177).

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