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Untersuchung von Knochenfunden aus Emstek, Kreis Cloppenburg

Küchelmann, Hans Christian (2009): Untersuchung von Knochenfunden aus Emstek, Kreis Cloppenburg, Bericht an das Archaeologiebüro Nordholz, Bremen

[Analysis of Bone Finds from Emstek, County Cloppenburg]
report submitted to the Archaeologiebüro Nordholz

The Early Iron Age (pre-Roman Iron Age) site settlement site of Emstek, county Cloppenburg, Lower Saxony is located in moraine soil, thus organic remains are usually not preserved. The exception are three pits, two fire places and a water hole, from which a small amount of heavily fragmented calcined bones could be recovered. All identifiable fragments belonged to pigs.

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