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Eine Kinderleiche im Plastiksack – Ein Fall von Kindstötung?

Cordes, Olaf & Küchelmann, Hans Christian (2007): Eine Kinderleiche im Plastiksack – Ein Fall von Kindstötung?. – Kriminalistik 61, 551-553

[An Infants Corpse in a Plastic Bag – a Case of Child Homicide?]
Kriminalistik 8-9/2007, 551-553

Remains of a child’s corpse in a plastic bag were found during works on an urn cemetery in Bremen. The connection between the corpse and the urn cemetery was not certain, therefore the police assumed an illegal disposal of the child. Since the corpse was heavily putrefied an important question was the time until death, which resulted in a surprising conclusion. Comparative cases show that caution is necessary when assessing corpse exposure times.

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