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Ambrosiani, Kristina (1981): Viking Age combs, Comb Making and Comb Makers in the Light of Finds from Birka and Ribe, Stockholm Studies in Archaeology 2, Stockholm

Ameen, Carly / Hulme-Beaman, Ardern / Evin, Allowen / Germonpré, Mietje / Britton, Kate / Cucchi, Thomas / Larson, Greger / Dobney, Keith (2017): A landmark-based approach for assessing the reliability of mandibular tooth crowding as a marker of dog domestication. - Journal of Archaeological Science 85, 41-50

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Amiran, Ruth (1978): Early Arad. The Chalcolithic Settlement and Bronze Age City. First–Fifth Seasons of Excavation, 1962-1966, Jerusalem

Amorim, Inês (2009): Portuguese Fisheries, c. 1100-1830. in: Starkey, David J. / Thór, Jon Th. / Heidbrink, Ingo (eds.): A History of the North Atlantic Fisheries. Volume 1: From Early Times to the Mid-Nineteenth Century, Deutsche Maritime Studien 6, 279-298, Bremen

Amorosi, Thomas (1996): Icelandic Zooarchaeology: New Data Applied to Issues of Historical Ecology, Paleoeconomy and Global Change, PhD-thesis City University of New York, New York

Amorosi, Thomas (1991): Icelandic Archaeofauna. A Preliminary Review. - Acta Archaeologica 61, 272-284

Amorosi, Thomas (1989): Contributions to the Zooarchaeology of Iceland: Some Preliminary Notes. in: Durrenberger, E. Paul & Pálsson, Gísli (eds.): The Anthropology of Iceland, 203-227, Iowa City

Amundsen, Colin P. / Koczela, Monica / Perdikaris, Sophia / McGovern, Thomas / Krivogorskaya, Yekaterina / Brown, Matthew / Smiarowski, Konrad / Storm, Shaye / Modugno, Salena / Frik, Malgorzata (2005): Fishing Booths and Fishing Strategies in Medieval Iceland: Archaeofauna from the of Akurvík, North-West Iceland. - Environmental Archaeology 10(2), 127-142

Amundsen, Colin P. / Perdikaris, Sophia / Brown, Matthew / Krivogorskaya, Yekaterina / Modugno, Salena / Smiarowski, Konrad / Storm, Shaye / Frik, Malgorzata / Koczela, Monica / McGovern, Thomas (2004): A 15th c Archaeofauna from Akurvík, an early Fishing Station in NW Iceland, Northern Science and Education Center Report 15, New York

Amundsen, Colin P. (2004): Farming and Maritime Resources at Midbær on Flatey in Breidafjördur, NW Iceland. in: Housley, R. A. & Coles, G. (eds.): Atlantic Connections and Adaptions. Economies, environments and subsistence in lands bordering the North Atlantic, Symposia of the Association for Environmental Archaeology 21, 203-210, Oxford

Anconetani, Patrizia / Giusberti, Gianni / Peretto, Carlo (1994): Considération taphonomiques à propos des os du Bison schoetensacki Freudenberg du gisement paéolithique de Isernia la Pineta (Molise - Italie). in: Patou-Mathis, Marylène (ed.): 6è Table Ronde Taphonomie / Bone Modification, Artefacts 9, 173-182, Treignes

Anderes, Caroline (2008): La collection de tabletterie du Musée romain de Nyon (CH). in: Bertrand, Isabelle (ed.): Le travail de l'os, du bois de cerf et de la corne à l'époque romaine: un artisanat en marge? Actes de la table ronde instrumentum, Chauvigny (Vienne), 8-9 décembre 2005, Monographies instrumentum 34, 269-274, Montagnac

Andermahr, Heinz (2000): Fischereirechte der Jülicher Dynastien in der Erft von Münstereifel bis Neuss. - Neue Beiträge zur Jülicher Geschichte 11, 7-25

Anders, Alexandra / Kulcsár, Gabriella / Kalla, Gábor / Kiss, Viktória / Szabó, Gábor V. (2013): Moments in Time. Papers Presented to Pál Raczky on His 60th Birthday, Ősrégészeti Tanulmányok / Prehistoric Studies 1, Budapest

Anders, Alexandra & Siklósi, Zsuzsanna (2012): The First Neolithic Sites in Central/South-East European Transect Volume III. The Körös Culture in Eastern Hungary, British Archaeological Reports International Series 2334, Oxford

Andersen, Erik & Nørgård, Anna (2009): Et uldsejl til Oselven. Arbejdsrapport om fremstillingen af et uldsejl til en traditionel vestnorsk båd, Rosklilde

Andersen, H. Hellmuth / Crabb, P. J. / Madsen, Helge J. (1971): Århus Søndervold: en Byarkæologisk Undersøgelse, Jysk Arkaeologisk Selskabs Skrifter 9, Copenhagen

Anderson, G. S. & Hobischak, N. R. (2004): Decomposition of carrion in the marine environment in British Columbia, Canada. - International Journal of Legal Medicine 118, 206-209

Anderson, Patricia C. / Rodet-Belarbi, Isabelle / Moreno-García, Marta (2014): Sickles with Teeth and Bone Anvils. in: van Gijn, Annelou L. / Whittaker, John C. / Anderson, Patricia C. (eds.): Explaining and Exploring Diversity in Agricultural Technology, Early Agricultural Remnants and Technical Heritage 2, 118-132, Oxford

Anderson, Sue (1998): Current and Recent Research in Osteoarchaeology – Proceedings of the third meeting of the Osteoarchaeological Research Group, Oxford

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Andrés, Miriam / Gidna, Agness O. / Yravedra, José / Domínguez-Rodrigo, Manuel (2012): A study of dimensional differences of tooth marks (pits and scores) on bones modified by small and large carnivores. - Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences

Andresen, Ludwig (1927): Von schleswigschen Austern und Austernbänken im 16. und 17. Jahrhundert. - Die Heimat 37, 77-84

Andrews, A.H. (1982): The relationship of bovine mandibular cheek tooth development to age determined by post-mortem radiographic examination of cattle aged between 12 and 24 months. - Journal of Agricultural Science 98, 109-117

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Andrews, Peter (1990): Owls, Caves and Fossils, London

Andrews, Peter & Cook, Jill (1985): Natural Modifications to Bones in a Temperate Setting. - Man (New Series) 20, 675-691

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Anger, Klaus (1973): Untersuchungen an eisenzeitlichen Muschelhaufen an der Flensburger Förde. - Offa 30, 55-59

Annaert, Rica & Ervynck, Anton (2013): The elite as individualised members of a local community: the Merovingian cemetary at Broechem (Antwerp. Belgium). in: Ludowici, Babette (ed.): Individual and Individuality? Approaches towards an Archaeology of Personhood in the First Millennium AD, Neue Studien zur Sachsenforschung 4, 107-116, Hannover

Anonymus, Anonyma (2013): Environmental Archaeology at Canterbury Archaeological Trust (CAT). - Association for Environmental Archaeology Newsletter 121, 1, 4-6

Anonymus, Anonyma (2011): Der Löwenmensch aus Ulm. Ein okkultes Wesen nimmt neue Formen an. - Archäologie in Deutschland 3/2011, 5

Anonymus, Anonyma (2011): Gefärbte Eier. - Archäologie in Deutschland 3/2011, 4-5

Anonymus, Anonyma (2010): Festschrift 100 Jahre Heimat- und Museumsverein für Vegesack und Umgebung e.V. 1911–2011, Bremen

Anonymus, Anonyma (2010): Human Culture from the Perspective of Traditional Maritime Communities, International Symposium Report

Anonymus, Anonyma (2009): 13er. Congreso de Antropología en Colombia. Antropología y nuevas experiencias sociales, Bogota

Anonymus, Anonyma (2009): Eiszeitliche Flötentöne. Ältestes Musikinstrument der Welt. - Archäologie in Deutschland 5/2009, 4

Anonymus, Anonyma (2009): Sensation im Achtal. Steinzeitvenus sorgt für Aufsehen. - Archäologie in Deutschland 4/2009, 4

Anonymus, Anonyma (2007): Neue älteste Kunstwerke. - Archäologie in Deutschland 4/2007, 4-5

Anonymus, Anonyma (2004): Mundhygiene vor 250 Jahren. - Archäologie in Deutschland 1/2004, 76

Anonymus, Anonyma (2004): Using Dentition to Age Cattle, Omaha, NE

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