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Eine Rinderdeponierung aus Achim-Uesen

Küchelmann, Hans Christian & Precht, Jutta (2012): Uesen FStNr. 5, Gde. Stadt Achim, Ldkr. Verden, ehem. Reg.Bez. Lü. – Nachrichten aus Niedersachsens Urgeschichte Beiheft 15, 147-149, Fundchronik Niedersachsen 2010

[A Cattle Burial from Achim-Uesen]

During an archaeological supervision of construction works in Achim-Uesen, county Verden, Lower Saxony, two Saxon sunken floor huts were found, in-between which an almost complete cattle skeleton was deposited. Saxon cattle burials are not unusual in Saxon contexts, but the skeleton deviated from other cattle burials in several aspects. Finally, a radiocarbon dating proved the deposition to be from early 20th century date. The feature is a good example for the importance of taphonomic evidence in the interpretation of archaeozoological contexts.

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