About me

Foto: Horst Hänel

Hans Christian Küchelmann

General Data

  • Born 1963 in Bremen, Germany
  • School education from 1969 – 1982 in Bremen and Emden, Germany
  • Secondary school main courses: biology and chemistry
  • Final examination May 1982
  • Biology study at the Carl von Ossietzky-Universität Oldenburg from 1984 -1997
  • Within this study among other things:
    • Exam in zoology entitled „Verwesungsspuren an fossilen Schlammfischen aus der Grube Messel Postmortale Verdriftung des Schlammfisches Cyclurus kehreri“ (1995)
      [Traces of Putrefaction on fossil Bowfins from the Messel Pit – Post Mortem Damage of the Bowfin Cyclurus kehreri]
  • Diploma thesis entitled „Bißspuren von Säugetieren an rezenten und subfossilen Knochen – Ein Beitrag zur Taphonomie“ (1997) [Mammal Gnawing Marks on recent and subfossil Bones – A Contribution to Taphonomy]
  • Diploma graduation May 1997
  • Language competence: German (native), English (advanced), Spanish (basic)