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Die etwas andere Leitplanke

Küchelmann, Hans Christian (2023): Die etwas andere Leitplanke. Walkiefer als Straßenbegrenzung in Oberneuland, Poster zum Tag des offenen Denkmals 10. 9. 2023, Bremen

[The slightly different Guard Rail. Whale Jaws as Street Boundary in Oberneuland]

General Publications & Manuscripts

Auf Walfang im Bürgerpark

Küchelmann, Hans Christian (2023): Auf Walfang im Bürgerpark – zwei verschollene Walknochenmonumente aus Bremen. – Abhandlungen des Naturwissenschaftlichen Vereins zu Bremen 48(1), 27-31

[Whaling in the Public Park – two lost Whale Bone Monuments from Bremen]

General Publications & Manuscripts

Northern Seas Synthesis database

Buss, Danielle L. / Falahati Anbaren, Mohsen / Ballantyne, Rachel / Boethius, Adam / Dütting, Monica K. / Enghoff, Inge Bødker / Ervynck, Anton / Hamilton-Dyer, Sheila / Harland, Jennifer F. / Heinrich, Dirk / Hufthammer, Anne Karin / van der Jagt, Inge M. M. / Krooks, Beatrice / Küchelmann, Hans Christian / Locker, Alison Mary / Lougas, Lembi / Magnell, Ola / Makowiecki, Daniel / Maltin, Emma / Meijer, Hanneke J. M. / Mills, Billy / Nicholson, Rebecca A. / Quinlan, Liz / Russ, Hannah / Ritchie, Kenneth / van Neer, Wim / Barrett, James H. (2022): Using the Northern Seas Synthesis database to infer spatiotemporal changes in commercially important fish taxa over the past two millennia, poster presented at the Annual Meeting of the British Ecological Society 18. – 21. 12. 2022, Edinburgh

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Bone Workshop

Safe Harpoon Manufacturing

At the Department of Anthropology of the Oberlin College a project was conducted under the supervision of Amy Margaris demonstrating, step by step, the replication…

Bone Workshop

A slippery business

From the Bronze Age until the beginning of the 20th century metapodiae and radii of cattle and horses were used for ice skating…

Bone Workshop

Vikinge håndværk

Some impressions from the Vikingemarked at Ribe Vikingecentret (Denmark), rebuilt next to the site of the viking age market place. Dennis Rune Sørensen at work…

Bone Workshop

European Middle Ages

Some examples from the lively european medieval scene. Sam Voigt, bonecarver of the reenactment group Fogelvrei (left); works of Antje Chrosziel (right). Replicas…