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Die Menagerie im Eimer

Küchelmann, Hans Christian (2021): Die Menagerie ist im Eimer. Tierknochenfragmente aus einer Urnenbestattung der Römischen Kaiserzeit in Dörverden, Bericht an die Kreisarchäologie Verden, Bremen

[The Menagerie is in the Bin. Animal Bone Fragments from a Roman Iron Age Urn Cremation Burial in Dörverden]

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Human–environment interactions at a short-lived Arctic mine

Kruse, Frigga / Nobles, Gary R. / de Jong, Martha / van Bodegom, Rosanne / van Oortmerssen, Gert J. M. / Kooistra, Jildou / van den Berg, Mathilde / Küchelmann, Hans Christian / Schepers, Mans / Leusink, Elisabeth H. P. / Cornelder, Bardo A. / Kruijer, J. D. / Dee, Michael W. (2021): Human–environment interactions at a short-lived Arctic mine and the long-term response of the local tundra vegetation. – Polar Record 57(e3), 1-22

Publications & Manuscripts


Küchelmann, Hans Christian (2020): Walschulterkugelgelenk, vermutlich eines Nordkaperwals. in: Schweisfurth, Anne & Weber, Rainer (eds.): Raum für Vermutungen – Vom Finden und Erfinden – Von Literatur und Archäologie, 13, Bremen

[Whale Shoulder Ball Joint, probably of a North Atlantic Right Whale]

Publications & Manuscripts

Finding the woolly sheep: meta-analyses of archaeozoological data

Becker, Cornelia / Benecke, Norbert / Küchelmann, Hans Christian / Suhrbier, Stefan (2020): Finding the woolly sheep: meta-analyses of archaeozoological data from south-western Asia and south-eastern Europe. in: Schier, Wolfram & Pollock, Susan (eds.): The Competition of Fibres. Early Textile Procuction in Western Asia, South-East and Central Europe (10,000-500 BC). International workshop Berlin, 8-10 March 2017, Ancient Textiles Series 36, 83-93, Oxford

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Bone Workshop

Safe Harpoon Manufacturing

At the Department of Anthropology of the Oberlin College a project was conducted under the supervision of Amy Margaris demonstrating, step by step, the replication…

Bone Workshop

A slippery business

From the Bronze Age until the beginning of the 20th century metapodiae and radii of cattle and horses were used for ice skating…

Bone Workshop

Vikinge håndværk

Some impressions from the Vikingemarked at Ribe Vikingecentret (Denmark), rebuilt next to the site of the viking age market place. Dennis Rune Sørensen at work…

Bone Workshop

European Middle Ages

Some examples from the lively european medieval scene. Sam Voigt, bonecarver of the reenactment group Fogelvrei (left); works of Antje Chrosziel (right). Replicas…

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