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Mit Knochen gepflastert – Tierknochenfunde vom Bremer Marktplatz

Küchelmann, Hans Christian (2014): Mit Knochen gepflastert – Knochenfunde vom Bremer Marktplatz (Fundstelle 201-Altstadt 2002). – Schriften des Naturwissenschaftlichen Vereins für Schleswig-Holstein 73, 23-64

[Plastered with Bones – Animal Bone Finds from the Market Place of Bremen]

Archaeological excavations were conducted on the market place of Bremen in 2002 in the course of the renewal of the pavement. Although the site regrettably could not be documented completely, the excavations allowed punctual insights in the medieval history of the market place. Apart from numerous settlement structures and a high amount of finds of different materials, a large assemblage of animal bones was recovered. This report presents the archaeozoological analysis of the faunal remains.

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