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Domestic Sheep – Wool Production – Landscape Changes

Becker, Cornelia / Benecke, Norbert / Grabundzija, Ana / Küchelmann, Hans Christian / Pollock, Susan / Schier, Wolfram / Schoch, Chiara / Schumacher, Martin (2015): Domestic Sheep – Wool Production – Landscape Changes, poster presented at the evaluation of the Topoi-Project 15. 1. 2015, Berlin

Wool production is closely connected to the domesticated sheep and specifically to those animals with a woolly coat. With the keeping of woolly sheep, not only did the economy of communities change, but also textile technologies, equipment for producing
garments and people’s appearance. Using a multi-proxy approach, the origin of woolly sheep, the paths and speed of their dispersal throughout the Old World and the social and technological innovations that accompanied or perhaps spurred the development and exploitation of wool are explored in our research project.

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