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Keine Eiszeit in Hasenbüren

Küchelmann, Hans Christian (2007): Keine Eiszeit in Hasenbüren – Knochenfunde aus Bremen-Hasenbüren, Fundstelle 10, Bericht an die Landesarchäologie Bremen, Bremen

[No Ice Age in Hasenbüren – Bone Finds from Bremen-Hasenbüren]
report submitted to the Landesarchäologie Bremen

In 2004 the Archaeology Department of Bremen was given a bag of bones found 1985 during sewer works in Hasenbüren in a depth of 3,5 m. In a first examination these bones had been identified as „aurochs“ and of „Pleistocene“ origin. The bones have been re-examined. The results show that all bones stem from domestic mammals (cattle, horse, pig). A Pleistocene origin can be excluded in all cases. Aurochs are not included in the assemblage.

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