Vom Knochen zum Kunstwerk – Skelette als Werkstoff

[From Bone to Artwork – Skeletons as Raw Material]

2. – 3. August 2008
21. – 22. Juli 2007
29. – 30. Juli 2006
Zoo am Meer Bremerhaven

Exceptionally, this time the Zoo at the Sea is not dealing with living animals but with their dead remains: bones. Bone working of different times and cultures is the topic of a special event, where artists, artisans and scientist are guests in the zoo. They present how fascinating objects emerge from shabby bones – from commodities of daily use to jewelry. Different traditions from Europe, Nigeria and New Zealand are presented, archaeological finds and contemporary art.

Since ages bones are a frequently used raw material for the manufacture of tools as well as for objects of art and daily use. Such pieces are often found in archaeological excavations. But even today, in a time dominated by plastics, there are still active bone workers like Vero Schmolinski, Manuel Thomas or Sven Lassen-Buchholz, who will present their work.