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Zwischen Nordsee und Nordmeer

Zwischen Nordsee und Nordmeer
[Between the North Sea and the Norwegian Sea]

Since September 2017
part of the permanent exhibition in the cog hall of the
German Maritime Museum Bremerhaven

In the Cog Hall the over 20 m long and ca. 8 m broad shipwreck is visible from three levels and perspectives. The exhibition tells the history of the cargo ship and about seafaring in the time of the Hanseatric League. Since its discovery, the “Bremen Cog” has always been an object of maritime interdisciplinary research. The exhibition around the cog, which opened in 2017, now shows the more than 600-year-old shipwreck in the light of recent research. Beginning with the “Bremen Cog”, the exhibition tells about the heyday of the Hanstatic League, about life on board, seafaring in the middle ages and about the threat of pirates. Many questions arise out of the archaeological shipwreck, which are discussed in the exhibition: How was the ship built in medieval times and what was his fate? Did the Hanseatic merchants stay in the vicinity of coasts or did they also sail the North Atlantic? How can the ship be preserved for the future? Another aspect is the symbolic meaning and pictorial history of “cogs” in the 19th and 20th centuries and their use as a merchandise symbol.

Among other things the exhibition shows results of the research project “Between the North Sea and the Norwegian Sea – Interdisciplinary studies of the Hanseatic League”.