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Tierknochenfunde aus Jever, St. Annenstraße

Küchelmann, Hans Christian (2013): Tierknochenfunde aus Jever, St. Annenstraße Grabung 2010, Bericht für das Archäologiebüro Nordholz, Bremen

[Animal Bone Finds from Jever, St. Anne Street, Excavation 2010]
report submitted to the Archäologiebüro Nordholz

The report contains the analysis of a small archaeozoological assemblage from the town center of Jever, county Friesland, Lower Saxony. The bones found in four features of different time periods (9th – 16th century) were analysed, all of which belong to domestic mammals and birds. One feature contained bone and antler artefacts and working waste, these a decorated composite comb, pointing towards the activities of a bone worker.

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