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Knochenfunde aus Straguth, Kreis Anhalt-Zerbst

Küchelmann, Hans Christian (2006): Untersuchung von Knochenfunden aus Straguth, Kreis Anhalt-Zerbst, Kurzbericht für das Archäologiebüro Nordholz, Bremen

[Analysis of Bone finds from Straguth, County Anhalt-Zerbst]
report submitted to the Archäologiebüto Nordholz

During archaeological supervision of construction works in Straguth 2005-2006 traces of a Middle Bronze to Early Iron Age settlement as well as metal works and graves were recorded. One pit (feature 38) contained small fragments of calcined bones and was preliminary interpreted as unurned cremation grave. To test this hypothesis the whole content of the pit (ca. 221 kg) was wet sieved. The substrate contained 32 g bone fragments, only six of which allowed the identification of the skeletal element. No human bones were found, instead all identifiable fragments belonged to middle-sized mammals (sheep, goat, pig or roe deer). Thus, the interpretation as cremation grave is not supported.

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