28th EAA Annual Meeting of the European Association of Archaeologists (EAA)


Date(s) - 31/08/2022 - 03/09/2022


ELTE Faculty of Humanities Campus, Budapest, Hungary
e-mail: helpdesk@e-a-a.org
internet: www.e-a-a.org/eaa2022

Archaeozoology related sessions:
• Becoming Roman: the role of biological resources in the expansion of new economic and cultural models throughout the empire (session 45)
• A Universe with an Additional Dimension“: The Socioenvironmental Archaeology of Fishing (session 196)
• Foreign vs. Local in Medieval and Modern Age Foodways in the Baltic Sea Region (session 226)
• Craft Specialization in Worked Hard Osseous Materials: Conversations on a Complex Conceptual Category in Archaeology (session 263)
• Raw Material Acquisition, Management and Technological Choices from the Mesolithic to the Bronze Age in South Eastern Europe (session 298)
• Percussive Osseous Industry a Human Revolution between Pre-formation and Waste Selection (session 430)