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Textile Revolution

Schier, Wolfram / Pollock, Susan / Grabundzija, Ana / Schoch, Chiara / Becker, Cornelia / Benecke, Norbert / Park, Martin / Schrakamp, Ingo / Küchelmann, Hans Christian / Cancik-Kirschbaum, Eva / Schütt, Brigitta (2021): Textile Revolution. in: Knitter, Daniel / Schier, Wolfram / Schütt, Brigitta (eds.): Spatial Environment and Conceptual Design. The concept of social ecology as a means to integrate humanities and science in landscape archaeological research, Berlin Studies of the Ancient World 74, 131-157, Berlin

The article discusses the applicability of the social-ecological model developed by M. Fischer-Kowalski to the topics and methodological approaches of the Research Group A4 Textile Revolution. After some terminological adjustments, we use different disciplinary perspectives to examine the extent to which the model can be successfully used. The diachronic approach and the dynamic character of the innovation process studied pose a major challenge. If at all, the model can be used only to describe separate stages of this process, which can then be compared in a second step. Within the Research Group there was no consensus as to its usefulness – nevertheless, the discussion of the model helped to focus the methodological premises and results of the multi-proxy approach applied.

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