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Animal Bones from Aramus, Armenia

Küchelmann, Hans Christian / Manaseryan, Nina H. / Mirzoyan, Lilit (2006): Animal Bones from Aramus, Armenia, Excavation 2004, report submitted to the Institut für Alte Geschichte und Altorientalistik, Universität Innsbruck, Austria, Bremen

In this site report a small assemblage from the initial excavation campaign at the 1st century BC Uratrian fortress of Aramus near Yerevan in Armenia is presented. The material consists mainly of domestic livestock (sheep/goat, cattle and pig) plus minor numbers of dog, horse, donkey, fox, hare, rodents, birds, amphibians and fish. Three settlement periods could be discriminated archaeologically, which differ in their species frequencies and other criteria. An interesting feature is the occurence of several songbird bones in period I. Skeletal element dirstributions, age and sex profiles, osteometrical and taphnomic data are provided by period.

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